Are you a Carer

 Being a Carer is defined as follows:

 If you provide regular unpaid emotional or physical support to a friend, neighbour or family member, you are a Carer and a valuable member of society.  Your age and the range of support you provide to the person you are caring for does not matter.

 As a Carer your health and wellbeing is important – you deserve a life outside of caring.  As a practice we have developed this web page to offer you advice and support to help you with your role as a carer.


  As a Carer there are many different types of support that you may qualify for including: 

 emotional support (one-to-one or group)

 •social activities and discussion groups

 •opportunities to meet other carers with similar caring roles

 •specialist information and support

 •advice on getting equipment or aids for the person you care for (e.g. telecare)

 •advice on accessing statutory assessment and support 

A statement from the Care Quality Commission reads:

 “For far too long people’s needs assessments have been driven by the service on offer or that can be provided in a particular area… such an approach fails to recognise the richness and complexity of people’s lives and fails to support or promote truly person-centred care.”

 We believe that this is an accurate reflection on the state of provision for carers in our society.  As a practice we want to promote carers and the valuable role they provide.

Please find below further weblinks on help and advice for you as a Carer:



Government Factsheet on Local Authority Support for Carers


Click here to download Carer forms.


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